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ANGIO Mentor

Unparalleled Endovascular Interventions Training

Unparalleled Endovascular Interventions Training

The ANGIO Mentor simulator is an essential tool for clinicians to practice and acquire the skills needed for performing endovascular interventions. Trusted by medical associations, hospitals, training centers, and the medical device industry globally, it provides trainees with realistic clinical settings to practice endovascular interventions using fluoroscopic and ultrasound guidance.

With a library of over 35 modules, growing with the evolution of endovascular techniques and devices, the simulator caters to 11+ medical specialties and offers training from basic skills to advanced interventions.

How To Improve a Physician’s Competency

See how ANGIO Mentor plays a prominent role in Dutch vascular surgeons certification.

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Features and Benefits

  • Offers true-to-life simulation of the clinical environment, including advanced imaging modalities like fluoroscopy/echocardiography, hemodynamic monitoring, medications, and interventional devices

  • Available in various platforms to fit any need, from stationary, human-sized manikin to ultra-portable platforms
  • Proven as a highly validated and effective simulator, with 30+ studies showcasing its effectiveness

  • Enables patient-specific simulation and custom case creation, tailored to your training needs

  • Simulates rare and common intra-procedure complications, allowing for realistic training in a safe environment

  • Comes with MentorLearn – our powerful and learning management system, enabling detailed performance feedback, customization of curricula and benchmarks


Validation Studies

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