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Practice Atrial Septum Repair

This module allows physicians to practice repairing the atrial septum of the heart in patients who suffer from Atrial Septal Defect (ASD) and Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO), under fluoroscopic and echocardiographic guidance (ICE and TEE). The virtual patients present different ASD and PFO pathologies such as long tunnel PFO, thick septum secundum PFO, hypermobile atrial septum with PFO, and ASD with a deficient aortic rim. Practiced steps: Sizing the ASD with balloon, navigating inside the internal structures of the heart with an ICE (Intra Cardiac Echo) catheter or TEE (Trans Esophageal Echo), doppler assessment, occluder deployment and occluder retrieval and repositioning. Complications that may occur: distance between the two eyelets is too long and selection of a too-small device.

Learning Objectives:

  • To learn and practice the procedural steps of Atrial Septal Defect and Patent Foramen Ovale closure, including:
  • To practice management of intra-procedural complications
  • To become familiar with standard Echo views when using ICE (intracardiac echo) and TEE (Transesophageal Echo)
  • To practice ICE catheter manipulation and positioning to reach standard views
  • To establish intracardiac anatomical orientation under fluoroscopy and echocardiography



Interventional Cardiology, Electrophysiology

Final-Deployment Final Deployment
Intra-Cardiac-Echocardiography Intra Cardiac Echocardiography
Occluder-Deployment Occluder Deployment

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