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We at Surgical Science are committed to operate in a socially responsible manner, and we work continuously to integrate sustainability in our operations. Respect for human rights, the environment and combating corruption are evident in our day-to-day activities and this work is governed by internal regulations and international guidelines.

The ambition is to integrate sustainability to an even greater degree within all departments in our company, and we are therefore continuously working to develop guidelines regarding the company’s responsibility and conduct in relation to employees, customers, partners, owners, suppliers and other important stakeholders.

Code of Conduct

Surgical Science’s Code of Conduct is a compilation of the values, approaches, and guidelines that govern how we conduct our business.

Workplace environment

Deals with areas such as:

  • A healthy and safe workplace
  • Diversity, equality and non-discrimination
  • Fair working terms
  • Drug- and alcohol-free workplace
  • No acceptance of any form of forced labour or child labour

Business operations

Deals with areas such as:

  • Business partnership and customer relationship
  • Zero tolerance against corruption and bribery
  • Fair competition and good faith with antitrust laws and regulations
  • Trade compliance
  • No acceptance or support of money laundering
  • Security of assets
  • Enviromental responsibility
  • Inside information
  • Protection of personal information
  • Awareness of conflict of interest
  • Awareness of political affiliation
  • Law compliance and relationship with government and regulatory authorities
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Our values

Book of Values

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Surgical Science’s operations are founded on people and the way we act. Our values and the accounts of what they mean to us are set out in our book of values, which you can find below.

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Annual Report 2023 Sustainability

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As a global company with the objective of improving the healthcare industry, the health of the environment and its preservation is also an obvious and essential element for Surgical Science.

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Sustainable Organization

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Surgical Science works actively to be an attractive workplace and sets targets to generate a high degree of employee engagement and a good working environment.

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ISO Certificates

Within the framework of Surgical Science’s quality efforts, we continuously work with quality and the environment. Find our current certificates for each production facility below.

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