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Practice the Placement of Electrode Leads

The Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM) module provides practice for the placement of three electrode leads (LV, RV, and RA). The module provides a selection of cases presenting a variety of realistic anatomies based on real patient data, including variations in the Coronary Sinus ostium (e.g. Thebesian valve) and vasculature. The simulation, designed to help develop competence in electrophysiology interventions, includes real-life sensing and pacing measurements and enables clinicians to cope with procedural arrhythmia complications such as A.V. Block, VF, and VT.

Learning Objectives:

  • To practice electrode lead placement, including RA, RV, and LV using real instruments (e.g. electrode leads, wires, catheters, and deflectable catheters such as an EP catheter)
  • To practice performing complete electrical measurements by providing realistic simulations of sensing and pacing measurements. Different pacing configurations can be selected to obtain better pacing and diaphragm thresholds
  • To practice treatment of arrhythmia complications such as A.V. Block, VT, and VF, with pacing or defibrillating
  • To practice sheath removal using the peel-away/slitting techniques


Electrophysiology, Cardiology

RV-lead-placement RV Lead Placement
Coronary-Sinus-Angiography Coronary Sinus Angiography
Sensing-and-Pacing-Measurements Sensing and Pacing Measurements
Thebesian-Valve Thebesian Valve

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