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Enhancing Sales and marketing

Sell More Products With the Use of Simulation

Building strong relationships with physicians and promoting safe adoption of your products is important. Surgical Science’s simulation technology can help you achieve this by providing physicians and KOLs with a highly realistic and engaging experiences, where they can perform advanced procedures with accurate anatomy — using your original MedTech device instruments and robotic grips.

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Improve Your Go-To-Market Strategy

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Elevate your product presentations with portable simulators that offer realistic experiences for physicians and KOLs at tradeshows and sales meetings worldwide.

Your sales representatives can showcase your latest offerings with ease, ensuring that potential customers get a firsthand look at the value your products can bring.


Incorporate Into Sales Training Program

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Sales conversations in the MedTech industry often revolve around complex medical procedures and their associated challenges.

By using medical simulation, sales staff will gain enhanced product knowledge and can take their sales conversations to a whole new level.

Using Surgical Science simulation can be especially valuable for complex and new products that may be difficult to explain through traditional sales and marketing materials.

Customize your solution
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Reduce Costs

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Medical simulation training can be a cost-effective way to provide sales staff with profiency-based training, as well as product demonstrations with portable simulators.

By eliminating the need for real equipment, you can become more flexible and reduce the need for expensive travel and traditional training methods such as cadaver or animal lab training.

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Build Courses, See Proficiency and Usage Remotely

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With MentorLearn you can:

  • Collect and see usage data: make data-driven decisions
  • Build courses, see proficiency remotely: create your training classes, and assign courses
  • Design your curricula: pick from a pre-set library and customize to your specific training needs
  • Prepare for online learning: share videos and reading materials to participants before-hand
  • Objective debriefing: document participant progress with comprehensive objective metrics
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IP and Branding

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At Surgical Science, we understand the importance of your IP and will create a dedicated team for your projects.

We also understand the importance of your brand identity and will work with your marketing teams to ensure your new products are customized to your specifications.

Customize your solution

Extensive Experience Within Medical Simulation

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As a partner, Surgical Science will act as an OEM distributor and your company will be able to use the latest within medical simulation technology.

We have over 20 years of experience and deliver customized simulation technology for multiple medical specialties.

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Customize Your Simulation Solution

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You can customize your medical simulation solution together with our team.

  • Choose a platform, we have full suites and portable versions – integrated with your devices and grips
  • With an extensive library of procedures, you can choose the one you need and develop additional procedures with our team
  • Add your branding identity to the simulator
  • Set up customized reports for usage data collection
  • Choose the curricula, we have existing curricula and you can also build your own unique sales training courses

Get in contact to see more possibilities of how we together can customize your simulation solution to improve your marketing and sales activities.

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Maintenance and Support

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You can choose to let us at Surgical Science store your simulators to simplify logistics for events, training and demonstrations.

We work proactively with our service team to ensure regular updates for our OEM customer’s simulator fleet to improve response times, reduce customer effort, and increase customer satisfaction.

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Do you want to see how your sales and marketing function can utilize custom-made simulators?

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