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Enhancing Product Development

How To Use Simulation for Product Development

By providing a data-driven solution for product development, Surgical Science’s simulation technology can shorten your time to market and simplify the introduction of new products and concepts.

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Make Data Driven Decisions

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Data makes the world go round, and today’s MedTech companies depend on the ability to make data-driven decisions.

Surgical Science’s simulation technology helps you make those important decisions by helping you collect data and understand exactly how your products are being used by physicians.

When your staff, HCPs and KOLs are performing procedures on your devices, with our simulation, data gets collected and report are created.

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Simulation for All Stages of Product Development

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Many people have experience with the power of simulation for training the end user.

Regulatory approval bodies, such as the FDA, are increasingly focused on the training pathway for medical devices and robotic surgey. However, simulation is valuable at all stages of product development, and we can support differing needs across your organization.

From early-stage R&D on instruments and robot kinematics design, including usability and product feasibility testing, to internal and external training and demos for marketing and sales teams, our simulation solutions can cover it all.


Data Science and AI Research

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Our Data Science department is working with research teams in academia and industry to support their initiatives in AI and advanced analytics using synthetic data, customizable simulation, and telemetry and video data gathered from the simulators.

Simulation is an excellent tool to train machines as well as humans.

Benefits Using Simulation for Product Development

Using Surgical Science’s simulation technology will have multiple benefits for your product development:

Clinical trials: Demonstrate the safety and efficacy of your products before they go to market.

Patient-centered and compliance: By providing evidence of safe use and adoption of new products and updates, you will ensure compliance and reduce adverse events, which will improve patient outcomes and quality of life.

Product usage: Collect data and understand exactly how your products are being used by physicians.

Customize your solution
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Customize Your Medical Simulation Solution

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You can customize your medical simulation solution together with our team.

  • Choose the platform, we have full suites and portable versions – integrated with your devices and grips
  • With an extensive library of procedures, you can choose the one you need and develop additional procedures with our team
  • Create your own reports to collect usage data

Get in contact to see more possibilities of how you can use medical simulation during product development to improve clinical proficiency and performance.

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Do you want to see how your product development function can utilize custom-made simulators?

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