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ANGIO Mentor Platforms

All platforms run any of the 40+ ANGIO Mentor modules, as well as ANGIO Mentor iCase and Procedure Rehearsal Studio applications.

ANGIO Mentor Suite – Ideal for Team Training

  • Life-size patient mannequin provides a realistic team training experience
  • 5 integrated access sites enable practicing various endovascular approaches and using multiple access sites in the same procedure
  • Easy integration of an actual C-arm enhances team training with an X-ray technician
  • Live TEE integration uses a real TEE probe to practice maneuvering and image interpretation, as well as team training scenarios involving operators, X-ray technicians, nurses and anesthesiologists
  • Adjustable table height and control panel position provide ergonomic comfort
  • Wheeled system enables easy transfer and adjustment to different work environments
  • Radiation Awareness Training using the AR application displays the radiation scatter and allows for practicing and establishing the ALARA principles

ANGIO Mentor Flex Pro – suitable for remote meetings and courses

  • Packed in one wheelable case, easy to carry on anywhere
  • A quick plug-and-play setup allows time-efficient training
  • Snap-in, replaceable tracking stations facilitate hassle-free system maintenance
  • TEE-ready to enable practicing live during endovascular interventions that require TEE guidance such as Transseptal Puncture and LAA Closure
  • Available in dual access configuration for relevant procedures such as EVAR and TEVAR

ANGIO Tab Pro – ideal for device demonstration

  • Packed in a small carry-on suitcase for maximum portability
  • Instant, one-minute setup for time-efficient demonstrations and trainings
  • Runs complete procedure simulation using touchpad and keyboard to enable teaching and practicing procedural steps
  • Authentic deployment handles enable realistic device operation experience

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