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Improve Clinical Proficiency and Performance

On a mission to enhance patient safety and healthcare outcomes with ever-advancing simulation

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Validated Customized Medical Simulation Training

High fidelity simulation allows for effective improvement of technical skills, from fundamental instrument handling to rare events and difficult procedure management – without putting any patients at risk. Every day, our realistic, evidence-based simulation is used in structured training curricula across the world.

Who we are
Residents around a LAP Mentor simulator

Educational Products for Healthcare Professionals

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With our ready-to-use simulators and evidence-based customizable curricula, healthcare professionals and teams can elevate their proficiency, promote professional growth, and ultimately improve patient treatment and safety.


Robotic Surgery Simulation

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Today, all leading robotic surgery companies power their hardware with Surgical Science’s software. In close collaboration with industry and academia, we develop future-proof simulation to support innovation, and adoption among clinical teams. Together, we advance the standards towards safer robotics and safer care.

Robotics Simulation
Surgical Science ANGIO Mentor Flex Pro simulator with users

Tailor-Made Simulation

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We are committed to our customers’ success and long-term development. Get access to the industry’s largest range of capabilities and techniques to build device-specific, realistic training, increase user engagement, and leverage on data insights.

MedTech Solutions
Training on ENDO Mentor Suite endoscopy simulator

A 60% Decline in Errors in the OR

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Proficiency-based simulation training significantly reduced the error rate for residents during their first 10 laparoscopic cholecystectomies, according to a Karolinska Hospital study.

Why Simulation?


Gisli Hennermark speaks at DNB


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