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Advanced Techniques Training

This module provides hands-on training for endovascular treatment of complex coronary bifurcation lesions using advanced techniques, including Provisional Stenting (POT), Tap and Culotte techniques. Each case allows treatment using one of the techniques, selected based on the patient’s anatomy.

Learning Objectives:

  • To optimize technique selection according to the patient’s anatomy
  • To become familiar with the available interventional tools
  • To practice a variety of bifurcation interventional techniques: Provisional optimization. bifurcation stenting, kissing balloons, TAP, Culotte or Crush technique


Interventional Cardiology

Angiogram-of-lesion_Case-1 Angiogram of Lesion - Case 1
Carina-Shift Carina Shift
Culotte-Technique Culotte Technique
Kissing-balloons Kissing Balloons
TAP-Strategy TAP Strategy

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