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Electrophysiological Mapping Module

This module allows for the training of electrophysiological mapping. The mapping system provides high-resolution electro-anatomical mapping in catheter ablation procedures. By simultaneously acquiring data from multiple electrodes and over multiple cardiac beats, the mapping system is able to acquire hundreds of points per minute leading to the fast and simple generation of high-resolution maps. This unique module offers realistic simulation and features and a full procedural flow of 3D map building, ablation and mapping verification at the end of the procedure. The module is comprised of various clinical cases presenting left atrial flutter, Ischemic VT, Re-do PVI and CTI Block.

Learning Objectives:

  • To practice 3D EP mapping in a variety of scenarios
  • To practice ablation techniques
  • To practice verification mapping



2-Ablation-dots Two Ablation Dots
Complete-3D-Mapping Complete 3D Mapping
Successful_Ablation Successful Ablation
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