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Robotic Surgery Simulation

Advancing Robotic Surgery

Nearly all robotic surgery providers worldwide embed Surgical Science’s simulation software in their medical device hardware. We believe simulation plays a huge role in advancing surgical robotics technology and together, we can increase patient safety and improve healthcare outcomes.

Healthcare Digitalization

Rapid Market Growth

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The global market for surgical robotics is growing rapidly, and there is an increasing demand for robotic simulation.

Macro trends driving growth are healthcare digitalization, such as digital surgery, and increasing patient safety awareness, especially with regards to new technologies.


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Safer Surgery

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Simulation software tailored to customer specific needs supports innovation, boosts adoption of new technology, and minimizes adverse events.

By embedding simulation software into robotic companies’ medical hardware, Surgical Science enhances proficiency-based training of clinical professionals in areas including instrument manipulation, identification of pathologies, and entire surgical procedures.

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Saving Time and Money

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Surgical Science offers highly realistic, lifelike simulation training. Our virtual robotic simulation also allows for engaging demos that bring customers’ latest products straight to their customers and end users, even before launch.

We increase accessibility by offering stand-alone portable simulation trainers taking product experience and demos on the road. We also engage in our customers’ early-stage development and prototyping.

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Economies of Scale Benefits All

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Thanks to strong collaboration with practically all robotic surgery companies, we advance the standards to increase patient safety and improve healthcare outcomes.

With our 100+ committed R&D team members and our proprietary simulation technologies, we are your dedicated long-term partner for future proof simulation software.

Our Technologies
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End User Always in Mind

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We collaborate and co-create with the world’s leading healthcare professionals. Our industry-academia synergy keeps us at the forefront thanks to constant learning and knowledge transfer of best evidence practice.

Surgical Science has transformed clinical preparation across multiple medical specialties in more than 90 countries, and our curricula and training are supported by more than 400 validation studies.

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Data Science and Simulation

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Simulation training allows you to gather user performance data, uncover valuable insights and drive continuous improvement. AI and synthetic data further harness the potential by helping providers perfect robotic surgical procedures and improve machine learning.

In joint effort with research fellows in academia and industry, our Data Science team pursue breaking new ground in robotic simulation.

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