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Who We Are

On a Mission to Enhance Patient Safety and Healthcare Outcomes With Validated Medical Simulation Training

Surgical Science is a medical simulation company by heart, run by humans dedicating their actions and passions for people, medicine and technology to enhance patient safety and healthcare outcomes worldwide.

Pediatric Ultrasound simulation

What We Do

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Make educational products for healthcare professionals: With our ready-to-use simulators and evidence-based customizable curricula, healthcare professionals and teams can elevate their proficiency, promote professional growth, and ultimately improve patient treatment and safety.

Create tailor-made solutions for the MedTech industry: Through partnerships and collaborations with leading MedTech companies worldwide, our simulation solutions are tailored to meet customers’ product-specific needs.

Robotix and FlexVR simulators

How We Do It

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Strong collaborations with the medical community: We ensure that our simulation meets the highest standards of accuracy and effectiveness. It’s out there, in the clinics, where we learn how to best help our users become successful when treating patients.

Ever-advancing development: We are a front-runner of medical simulation. Leveraging over 20 years of research, our computer-based simulations are rapidly growing, and we seek to grow further, both with complementary technologies, new application areas, and skilled software developers.

Customization: Besides developing proprietary products, a strategic priority is to supply MedTech companies with our simulation solutions embedded into their products. With our fast implementation of customer-specific requirements into unique hands-on product learning experiences, adoption curves are accelerated and customers more engaged.

Historical landmarks of Surgical Science

Our Story

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Founded in 1999, Surgical Science started off as a pioneering research company working closely with leading healthcare professionals, medical academia, and societies. Over the years, the academic work has resulted in more than 400 scientific publications on how medical simulation training advances clinical learning and improves technical and procedural skills in a realistic and safe environment.

Encouraged by the positive outcome, the company also started collaborating closely with leading robotic surgery firms and expanded into other medical specialties. Surgical Science’s acquisitions of SenseGraphics in 2019 and Mimic and Simbionix in 2021, further enhanced the customer offering and value add, and today, we provide the most comprehensive range of evidence-based medical simulators and software solutions for improved clinical proficiency and performance.


Surgical Science simulator training in China

We're Global

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We are a growing team from over 10 nationalities who all share a commitment and passion for using our skills and know-how to bring medical simulation solutions to the market at scale to create real measurable positive impact to patients, healthcare professionals, and society – every day.

Share Your Thoughts

We would love to hear your thoughts! Perhaps you have the next great idea for how simulation can increase patient safety? Write us a message or get us on the phone.

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