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MentorLearn is our end-to-end educational platform that makes simulation course management a breeze! Provided with all our simulators, this learning management system makes training administration efficient for program directors and skills lab staff, and the educational progress clear for learners.

Fully Control Your Simulator Training

Video: the main components of MentorLearn management platform.

MentorLearn on Simbionix Angio Mentor

Step-By-Step to Proficiency

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  • User administration: create your training classes, and assign courses
  • Curriculum design: pick from a pre-set library, and customize to your specific training needs
  • Prepare for online learning: share videos and reading materials to participants before-hand
  • Proficiency-based training: Perform the hands-on, goal-oriented, training
  • Simulation debriefing: document participant progress with comprehensive objective metrics
Debriefing using MentorLearn by Surgical Science

Course Management

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We cooperate with leading professional societies (SAGES, EAES, AABIP, and others), credentialing boards and academic institutions around the world to develop validated simulation based curricula and answer certification requirements.

Partnering societies
Lapsim performance feedback

Performance Reports and Progress Follow-up

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It goes without saying that with simulators everything can be measured, and a lot of performance data is created. Debriefing reports include:

  • Comprehensive objective metrics based on educational tools such as OSATS and GOALS
  • Documentation of participant progress following simulator training
  • Learning curve graphs, in the context of proficiency based curriculum, to help learners understand their achieved skill level
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It's a Web Application

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With the web-based version MentorLearn Cloud, you take full advantage of our educational platform. Going online allows for:

  • Connection of all simulators under one umbrella, with remote database access
  • Ability to follow and control the training process and learner attendance at all times
  • Learners to access the didactic materials and instructions offsite, making them more prepared before class

"I Can See Where My Trainees Actually Made Errors"

Listen to Dr. Costas D. Lallas, Professor of Urology and Vice Chair of Academic Affairs at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as he explains how he uses MentorLearn in his teaching.


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