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This module allows for the practice of core electrophysiology skills in virtual 3D maze (non-anatomical) as well as a 3D or fluoroscopic anatomical model. Navigate a deflectable catheter (EP, Mapping or Ablation catheter) to the labelled/anatomical targets.

Learning Objectives:

  • To establish knowledge of intracardiac anatomy relevant to Electrophysiology
  • To develop eye-hand coordination
  • To practice deflectable catheter maneuvering and navigation in 3D environment/bi-plane fluoroscopic environment
  • To practice operation of realistic handles of EP catheter, Ablation catheter and Mapping catheter
  • To practice pulmonary vein mapping and ablation


General Cardiology, Electrophysiology

Case-2-Cyberscopy Cyberscopy
Case-3-3D-Model-of-the-Heart 3D Model of the Heart
Case-6-Ablation-under-Fluoroscopy Ablation Under Fluoroscopy
Mapping-Catheter Mapping Catheter

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