Prepare more confident and skillful professionals with our full range of medical simulators

LapSim® – The Proven Simulator

Your first choice for laparoscopy training, the pioneering LapSim simulator improves your medical training and patient outcomes simply and quickly.

EndoSim® – Patient Safety First

An endoscopic training simulator, focusing on usability, applicability in clinical education, and continued technological medical simulation advancements.

dV-Trainer® & FlexVR™ – Proven, Cost-effective Robot Training

Build and develop robotic surgery skills with our family of robotic surgery training simulators.

Simball® Box – Mastering the Elements of Laparoscopy

Residents and surgeons can train with real instruments and objective performance feedback essential for structured learning.

TeamSim® – Where Team and Training Go Hand in Hand

A dynamic platform for inter-professional education development taking surgery simulation into the real world teamwork, a faster and safer way to develop team-based, non-technical skills

LapSim® Essence – Train at Home with our Portable Simulator

Gives trainees everywhere the opportunity to improve their fundamental laparoscopic skills through standardized and measurable training. 

Why VR Simulation?

There are many benefits to VR simulation training:

  • It shortens the time it takes to gain competency.
  • It delivers consistent cost-effective training that develops more prepared medical professionals.
  • It can reduce medical errors and the need to train on patients.

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