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Ultrasound Mentor

One Platform for All Your Ultrasound Training Needs

One Platform for All Your Ultrasound Training Needs

Simbionix Ultrasound Mentor is the answer to the growing need for ultrasound training among multiple medical specialties. This modular simulation platform enables easy manikin rotation (male, female, pediatric and interventional), and offers diverse applications for a range of specialties such as OB/GYN, Point-of-care Ultrasound (POCUS) and Echocardiography.

Ultrasound Mentor accelerates the development of basic to advanced technical and cognitive skills, by providing not only the probe manipulation training, but also a didactic environment enabling structured, self-guided learning including step-by-step instructions and educational aids such as 3D anatomical map and probe positioning assistant, all backed up with our progress monitoring tool MentorLearn.

How Is Ultrasound Mentor Used in Medical Schools?

See how Dr. Charles DeMesa, Pain Medicine Program Director at UC Davis uses it.


Features and Benefits

  • A modular platform with easy manikin rotation 
  • Quick probe switch between TTE/TEE and TAS/TVS approaches
  • A selection of virtual and real patient cases, with the ability to modify case severity
  • Step-by-step tasks provide a self-learning opportunity for sonography skills and scanning protocols   
  • Advanced diagnostic tools, including Color Doppler, CW, PW, M-mode, and measurements
  • Ongoing metrics capturing for accuracy and efficacy measurements including image analysis
  • MyCase software enables the creation of a custom case for every need, based on a real scan
  • An immersive learning experience with VR goggles and a designated probe add-on


Validation Studies

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