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VR Add-On for Ultrasound Mentor

An Engaging and Immersive Learning Experience

Using VR goggles and an adaptable probe, the VR add-on positions the trainee inside the clinical environment where the case scenario takes place. This gives an external view of the patient which facilitates the spatial understanding of probe position and orientation. Selected modules include structured tasks for scaled self-learning, alongside complete clinical cases for scanning, interpreting and diagnosing normal or abnormal findings.

Features and Benefits:

  • 3D Patient external view improves probe maneuvering and hand-eye coordination
  • 3D Patient view with anatomy enhances ultrasound anatomical understanding
  • The Trauma module offers 8 tasks and cases of diagnostic scanning protocols with structured tasks for training and assessment in the eFAST and RUSH protocols
  • The OB/GYN Module offers 8 tasks and cases of diagnostic scanning protocols for Obstetrics 2nd Trimester

Ultrasound VR Add-On OB/GYN Module

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