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Ultrasound Mentor Platforms

Modular, Cross-Specialty Simulation Platforms

The Simbionix Ultrasound Mentor allows for the easy swap of manikins for the preferred training module. The Manikins feature realistic and accurate landmarks that assist in probe positioning and a variety of commonly used probes are provided with the system that can be seamlessly switched to fit the type of scan. Desktop and cart-based configurations also offer portable and ergonomic solutions.


Male Manikin

Provides basic to advanced practice for multiple specialties and enables alternating the scanning approaches while performing a case: transthoracic, transabdominal, transesophageal and more. Immersive VR add-on available for selected modules. Compatible for Basic Skills, POCUS and Echocardiography modules.








Female Manikin

Enables practice of a variety of basic to advanced OB/GYN training modules via transabdominal or transvaginal scanning approaches. 2nd trimester belly can be added for advanced pregnancy training.





Pediatric Manikin

Enables practice of a growing library of pediatric ultrasound modules: Abdominal, eFAST, Bedside Echo, Advanced Echo and Lung (more available soon). Facilitates scanning in lying down or sitting up positions.






Interventional Ultrasound

Enables the practice of an endless number of ultrasound-guided interventions with the live tracking of a needle or aspiration syringe. Each module comes with a dedicated anatomy snap-in cartridge, featuring palpable landmarks. *The interventional modules are also available on Simbionix PERC Mentor Suite simulator.







A TEE Express simulator

TEE Express

An easy to use, portable solution for practicing TEE  (Transesophageal Echocardiography) examinations. Packed in a carry-on case, the system features an actual modified TEE probe. 

Includes self-guided TEE scanning protocols for 3 specialties. More info on TEE Express here.

Pediatric 2 Pediatric - Upright Position
Pediatric Pediatric - Lying Position
Pregnent 2nd trymester Female - 2nd Trimester
TEE Male - Transthoracic Echocardiography
TEE3 Male - Transesophageal Echocardiography

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