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This module was developed during the COVID-19 pandemic, in March 2019 to answer the need for training of front-line teams. It provides hands-on training for point-of-care ultrasound skills essential in the triage and monitoring of the coronavirus.

It includes unique clinical cases of patients suspected or diagnosed with COVID-19. Each case shows different ultrasound characteristics typically found in COVID-19 patients such as B-lines, thickening of the pleura, and consolidated lung. The echocardiography cases show clinical cases of COVID-19 patients with cardiac complications. In addition, the module includes relevant didactic material such as basic ultrasound introduction, typical COVID-19 findings, and a disinfection protocol.

Learning Objectives:

  • To perform a complete lung and echo exam
  • To learn and gain confidence in performing the BLUE protocol examination
  • To learn and gain confidence in performing the Bedside Echo protocol examination
  • To recognize and identify the various ultrasound lung artifacts
  • To diagnose lung and pleura pathologies typical in COVID-19 patients
  • To understand the lung ultrasound triage in COVID-19


Internal Medicine, Radiology, Trauma, Cardiology, Echocardiography, Critical Care, Emergency Medicine

COVID-19 Module Introduction

B-lines B-Lines
Mild-Patient Mild Patient
Severe-Patient Severe Patient
PHTN Tricuspid Regurgitation
Pneumonia Pneumonia
Pulsed-wave-doppler Pulsed-Wave (PW) Doppler

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