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This module includes procedural tasks and clinical cases for training of the extended focused assessment with sonography for trauma (eFAST) examination in pediatric patients. It enables training on evaluation of free fluids in the peritoneal cavity as well as the pericardium and plural space after a traumatic injury. The procedural tasks are a guided step-by-step performance of standard views acquisition and anatomy recognition on normal anatomy. The clinical cases present realistic scenarios in increasing levels of diagnostic complexity such as pleural effusion, intraperitoneal free fluids and pneumothorax.

Learning Objectives:

  • To perform a complete eFAST exam
  • To learn and gain confidence in obtaining the FAST protocol standard views: Subcostal, Right Upper Quadrant, Left Upper Quadrant and Suprapubic views
  • To learn and gain confidence in obtaining the extended FAST (eFAST) protocol, and other views common to emergency ultrasound like Anterior Pleural Space views
  • To diagnose accumulation of free fluid in the pericardial space, hepatorenal space, splenorenal space, retrovesicular space and the pleural space
  • To diagnose a pneumothorax using B-Mode and M-Mode
  • To demonstrate competency in systematic performance of eFAST scanning, documenting, and reporting


Pediatrics, Trauma Surgery,  Sonography,  Pulmonary and Critical Care, Pediatric Pulmonology, Radiology

Bladder Volume Measurements Bladder Volume Measurements
Pleural Effusion Pleural Effusion
Suprapubic Free Fluid Suprapubic Free Fluid

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