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Expand Your Training Possibilities

Create your own customized ultrasound cases based on real patient scans

Unlimited simulated ultrasound cases are possible with the MyCase editor.  Simply import real patient scans (volumes) from your ultrasound equipment into the Ultrasound Mentor.

Using an intuitive and quick workflow, MyCase editor enables you to create new clinical training scenarios, both healthy and pathological.

Volume types supported: OB-GYN (GE Voluson) and Echocardiography (Philips Epiq \ Affinity \ CX50 and GE VIVID)

The scans are converted into simulation cases, creating a library of unlimited scenarios that can be practiced in a valuable hands-on learning experience.

Features and Benefits:

  • Expand the number of hands-on training cases on the Ultrasound Mentor
  • Create and edit your own clinical findings for in-depth diagnostics reporting
  • Customize the measurements menu, including the expected results. Trainees will receive an evaluation at the end of the training
  • Volume types enabled: OB-GYN and Echocardiography (Volumes from GE Voluson and GE Vivid ultrasound machines are supported)

Full integration with MentorLearn:

  • Export your new case to MentorLearn and add them to existing modules
  • Full performance report at the end of the case for objective trainee evaluation
  • The new cases can be integrated into the courses and curricula
  • Multi-lingual support for customized patient files and case scenario descriptions

MyCase Workflow

2021-07-20_140251 (1) Simulation Case - Apical 4C View
2021-07-20_140413 Simulation Case - Echo
Case-Simulation Simulation Case - OB 1st

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