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This module offers skill enhancement tasks, providing fundamental training for sonography basic skills and capabilities.  It is compatible for the Ultrasound Mentor’s Male, Female and Pediatric manikins.

Learning Objectives:

  • To gain proficiency in ultrasound probe maneuvering such as rocking, fanning, rotating etc.
  • To understand and practice the interrelation between physical probe maneuvering and the resulting ultrasound image derived from a 3D shape
  • To practice ‘Knobology’ common tools such as gain, contrast, TGC, scan depth, frequency, focal zone and more, to significantly affect the ultrasound image towards improving its diagnostic distinctiveness


Anesthesiology, Critical Care, Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, OB/GYN,  Vascular & Interventional Radiology, Radiology, Cardiology


Basic Hand- Eye Coordination Task Basic Hand- Eye Coordination Task
Advanced Hand- Eye Coordination Task Advanced Hand- Eye Coordination Task
Knobology Task Knobology Task
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