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LAP Mentor

A Comprehensive Simulator for Learners of All Levels

A Comprehensive Simulator for Learners of All Levels

LAP Mentor provides a wide array of hands-on laparoscopic training cases from essential laparoscopic skills to advanced complete clinical procedures. The simulator provides a safe and motivating learning environment, as well as a complete educational solution ready to be integrated into training programs.

Developed with surgical opinion leaders, medical societies and educators, LAP Mentor is used across the world to help surgeons master the technical skills before seeing their patients. Its different platforms – haptic and non-haptic – support different program needs and budgets.

High-Fidelity Surgical Training

See how simulation can replace cadaver labs and get a quick introduction to our LAP Mentor simulator.

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Features and Benefits

  • Complex clinical scenarios with real-time complications and injuries
  • Lifelike tactile feedback and highly realistic graphics
  • Wide range of surgical instruments and various trocar configurations
  • Comprehensive objective performance reports and benchmark setting tools
  • Educational aids such as 3D anatomical maps, step-by-step real-life videos, interactive instructions and ready-to-use courses
  • Proctor Mode, allowing for real-time intervention during the procedure such as triggering of injuries



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