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Lobectomy Module

Removing the Right Upper Lobe

The Lobectomy module provides practice for the complicated steps involved in the Video-Assisted-Thoracoscopic-Surgery (VATS) Right Upper Lobectomy using an Anterior approach, including breathing and pulse movements, in a safe and realistic environment. Proctor Mode lets the proctor intervene in real-time during the procedure, by triggering injuries, causing tools to malfunction, etc., to stress the trainee and evaluate his/her decision-making and response to emergency situations. Visual cues help beginners navigate through the procedural steps.

Learning Objectives:

  • To inspect the thoracic cavity
  • To identify, dissect and divide the vessels, bronchus, and fissures
  • To learn how to avoiding and managing potential complications and emergency situations such as injury to the pulmonary artery and vein branches, phrenic nerve, pericardium and azygos vein

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