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What Do Healthcare Professionals Say About Our Simulators?

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Dr. Klaudia Korecka

“…LAP Mentor is perfect for learning the individual stages of the procedure, it allows you to make mistakes, which will be meticulously summarized even when it comes to the report of proper tissue management …Basic procedures such as appendectomy and cholecystectomy are well developed. The cholecystectomy procedure is presented in various anatomical variants – as it happens in life”

Dr. Klaudia Korecka Pediatric Surgeon, Upper Silesian Child Health Center, Katowice, Poland
Sandeep Ganni

“…Students who have had training on the LAP Mentor were 70% more proficient than the control group who had no simulation training. They had 70% less complications and errors, were more confident and proficient so that the surgeons did not need to take over during the operation.”

Sandeep Ganni Director, GSL SMART Lab (Simulated Modules for Advanced Research and Training Laboratory), India and a research fellow at Catharina Hospital, Netherlands
Elizabeth Young

"We have only had our Surgical Science simulators for about a year and have been pleased with the amount of usage that they have received. In addition to the utilization for resident training by Urology, OB, and Surgery, our LAP Mentor was also used during Urology’s resident interview process. We’ve recently added the VR Oculus Headset, and are very excited about the added layer of training this is going to provide"

Elizabeth Young Simulation Program Specialist, LSU Health Shreveport
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