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Comprehensive, Structured Curriculum and Hands-on Training

Free-hand complete appendectomy procedure cases including anatomical variations, such as a regular, retrocecal and preileal appendix, and various levels of inflammation such as a moderately inflamed, gangrenous and perforated appendix. The simulation includes high fidelity  tissue response to dissection and realistic bleedings. Educational features include an anatomical 3D map, real-life videos, interactive visual indicators, step-by-step procedural guidance and detailed performance reports to enrich and enhance the learning experience.

Proctor Mode

Enhances the training by enabling real-time proctor intervention during the procedure. The proctor can trigger injuries to appendicular artery, modify tissue stiffness during blunt dissection and limit the tool selection to resemble a tool malfunction. These capabilities are intended to evaluate the trainee’s decision-making and response to emergency situations.

Learning Elements

  • Acquisition of the basic skills that are essential for the appendectomy procedure.
  • Interactively-guided procedural techniques, allowing learners to experience different approaches to the procedure and appropriate use of surgical instruments such as stapler, ligating loop and energy devices.
  • Simulation of emergency situations such as injury to the appendicular artery, cecum, terminal ileum, iliac vessels, ureter and perforation of the appendix are included so that learners are ready for any complication.
  • Clinical decisions such as extent of cecum mobilization in retrocecal case, and extent of appendicular artery exposure.
Appendectomy exercise on LAP Mentor simulator Appendix in regular position
Appendectomy exercise on LAP Mentor simulator Gangrenous preileal appendix
Appendectomy exercise on LAP Mentor simulator Stapler in use

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