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Distal Gastrectomy Module

Comprehensive and Interactive Training

The Distal Gastrectomy module offers a safe space to practice the critical stages of the procedure. This module offers guidance to the fundamental aspects of the procedure; anatomy identification, dissection of predefined areas, and removal of lymph nodes. Through this module, trainees can acquire skills in averting and addressing potential issues like hemorrhaging from different blood vessels and inadvertent harm to adjacent organs.
Rich didactic content incorporates comprehensive and interactive guidance, anatomical 3D map, real-life videos, and detailed performance reports.

Learning Objectives:

  • To perform a preoperational evaluation by exploring the abdominal cavity and identifying different anatomical landmarks, including the tumor and metastasis.
  • To practice safe and accurate dissections of the omentum, gastrocolic ligament, mesentery, vessels, and lymph nodes, with a focus on preventing complications that could affect adjacent organs.
A gasttrectomy exercise on Simbionix laparoscopy simulator Anatomy Identification
A gastrectomy exercise on a Simbionix laparoscopy simulator Omentum Dissection
Vessels Exposure & Dissection’ Vessels Exposure & Dissection

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