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Hysterectomy Procedure Module

Master All Steps of a Total Lap Hysterectomy

This module provides training for the key components of the procedure, coping with a variety of complications and determining the best approach to the procedure in real time. It allows transperitoneal visualization of the ureters course as well as retroperitoneal dissection for ureters identification. Optional interactive visual indicators and on-screen messages guide the trainee through all procedural steps. Proctor Mode lets the proctor intervene in real-time during the procedure, by triggering injuries, causing tool malfunction, etc., to stress the trainee and evaluate his/her decision-making and response to emergency situations.

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand the key steps of the procedure: Uterine manipulation, superior pedicle division, bladder mobilization, bilateral exposure/division of the uterine artery, colpotomy
  • To learn how to respond to a variety of complications and emergency situations such as ureteral injuries, injury to the bladder, uterine artery, iliac vessels and superior pedicles bleeding
  • To identify the correct dissection plane within the vesico-uterine peritoneal fold, and identification of the cervico-vaginal margin during colpotomy
A hysterectomy simulation exercise on a Simbionix simulator Opening the Retroperitoneum
A hysterectomy simulation exercise on a Simbionix simulator Artery Division
A hysterectomy exercise on a Simbionix simulator Colpotomy

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