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Sigmoidectomy Module

Training for the Safe Division of the Sigmoid Colon

This module provides the environment to perform a wide range of tasks before encountering them in the operating room, from vessel isolation through the creation of the anastomosis. Trainees learn to determine the best approach for the procedure, practicing real-time clinical decision-making and working safely to prevent complications and respond to injuries: injury to the ureter and gonadal vessels, risk of injury to the colon or rectal wall, major and minor vascular injuries and controlling bleeding from tissue or vessels throughout the procedure. This module includes electro-surgical instruments, the Harmonic Scalpel, atraumatic bowel graspers, linear staplers and Echelon and a circular stapler. An anatomical 3D map, on-demand real-life videos, procedural instructions and trocar placements complete this exceptional training module.

Learning Objectives:

  • To perform the peritoneal incision, while elevating the inferior mesenteric pedicle
  • To identify the left ureter
  • To perform dissection in correct tissue planes
  • To expose and divide the inferior mesenteric artery, inferior mesenteric vein, and left colic artery
  • To mobilize the sigmoid colon and perform rectal wall exposure
  • To perform a safe distal division of the sigmoid colon
  • To work with a circular stapler to perform laparoscopic end-to-end anastomosis
  • To learn to appreciate and avoid potential complications

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