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Gastric Bypass Module

Risk-Free Training of Gastrojejunal Anostomosis and More

Provide your surgeons with the opportunity to perform advanced tasks including creation of the gastric pouch, measurement and division of the jejunum, gastrojejunal anastomosis and enteroenterostomy anastomosis. Trainees practice the technical aspects of laparoscopic Roux-en Y creation and jejunojejunostomy and gain an in-depth understanding of intra-operative problems during lap bypass surgery and how to avoid them. Familiarity with a variety of instruments is gained, while instructional movies enhance knowledge of the procedure.

Learning Objectives

  • To create the gastric pouch in a simulated anatomy
  • To learn the principles and techniques of measuring and dividing the jejunum into duodenojejunal limb and gastrojejunal limb
  • To perform gastrojejunal anastomosis
  • To perform enteroenterostomy anastomosis (2 anatomical positions)
Gastric bypass exercise on LAP Mentor simulator Measuring the jejunum
Gastric Bypass exercise on LAP Mentor simulator Gastro-jejunal anastomosis

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