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Enhancing Radiology Technologist Program

The hands-on experience provided by the ANGIO Mentor makes graduates more attractive to employers.

To make their Bachelor of Radiology Technologist degree graduates more experienced and attractive to employers, Inter-American University purchased a ANGIO Mentor Suite training simulator from Surgical Science. Their students will benefit from hands-on simulated experience in their last semester at school and gain confidence prior to entering the workforce.

The program prepares these healthcare professionals to support Radiologists, Interventional Cardiologists, Neuro Surgeons, Vascular Peripheral Surgeons and Interventional Neuro Radiologists perform procedures, as well as analyze and interpret results.

Professor Sandra Suárez, Inter-American University Uses the ANGIO Mentor Suite for Radiology Technologist Program

Professor Sandra Suárez, Inter-American University Uses the ANGIO Mentor Suite for Radiology Technologist Program

“There are only two hospitals near our university, so there aren’t enough spots for all students to have clinical experience and see invasive procedures prior to graduation,“ said Professor Sandra Suárez.  “When Professor Yesenia González tried the ANGIO Mentor simulator, she knew that we had a way for our students to practice hands-on skills after they finished their theory courses.  Now they can experience team training and practice as if they are working side-by-side with the surgeon and anticipating the needs of the doctor.”

This is the first ANGIO Mentor simulator on the island of Puerto Rico.  The Inter-American University expects that the simulator will make their angiography program even more attractive to prospective students who are evaluating programs.   They also expect that patient safety will improve due to the experience acquired on the simulator and the equipment’s rich curriculum.

“In the Bachelor of Radiology Technologist program every student must have clinical practice to acquire skills,” said Carmen Muňoz, Radiology Lab Technician.   “That is why the ANGIO Mentor simulator from Surgical Science is a great asset for our program.  It helps prepare students for their clinical experience.”

Some of the procedures to be taught on the simulator include basic endovascular skills, coronary, transradial coronary, coronary bifurcation, coronary CTO, renal, iliac, SFA, below the knee and peripheral embolization.

“A technologist must know what the surgeon needs during every step of the procedure,” said Professor Yesenia González, Radiologist Assistant Specialist.

The simulator will make our graduates more valuable to the hospital and doctors in a shorter amount of time.

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