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LapSim ST Enhances Surgical Technologist Training

Kirtland Community College in Crawford County, Michigan, has introduced a new surgical simulator to enhance its surgical tech program. This addition,Surgical Science’s Lapism ST, offers students the opportunity to practice laparoscopic surgical techniques in a controlled and safe environment. LapSim ST is equipped with real-time feedback capabilities, allowing the students to refine their skills by monitoring factors like speed, camera movement, and navigating through the body.

Nicole Claussen, the program’s director, emphasized the simulator’s importance in providing students with hands-on experience before they work with real patients in actual surgical settings. She says that the advanced training with LapSim ST will not only help students gain proficiency in surgical techniques but also familiarize them with the nuances of laparoscopic surgery, enabling them to better understand the challenges faced by surgeons during procedures.

See the article and video on UpNorthLive website here. 

Learn more about LapSim ST here. 

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