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Customer story

Enhancing Robotic Surgery Competence

Prof. A. Erdem Canda, a prominent figure in the field of urology, serves as a faculty member at the Department of Urology and as the director of the training center at Koc University Hospital in Turkey.

At his training center, Prof. Canda conducts a wide range of courses, from emergency urology to robotic urology and laparoscopic procedures. These courses are designed to provide practicing surgeons with hands-on experience in various surgical techniques. One element in his training regimen is the utilization of the RobotiX Mentor simulator.

Engagement From Various Regions

Prof. Erdem Canda’s commitment to advancing the field of urology extends to international collaboration and knowledge sharing. During a recent three-day event, Prof. Canda’s training center hosted a combined emergency urology course in partnership with the University of Oxford, UK. This collaboration brought together medical professionals and experts from various corners of the globe, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Italy, and Spain.

Skill Development in a Controlled Environment

Prof. Canda emphasizes the importance of starting surgical training with simulators, such as the RobotiX Mentor. He highlights the simulator’s efficacy, particularly in the field of urology and complex surgeries.

The key advantage of simulator training, Prof. Canda explains, is the opportunity it provides for surgeons to develop their skills in a safe and controlled setting. It allows them to methodically go through each step of a surgery, enhancing their efficiency and competence. This experience is invaluable as it ensures that surgeons are better prepared when they transition to cadavers or models.


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