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Simulation Training for Pet Care

With a steadily growing demand for pet healthcare services, the veterinary industry is facing a shortage of veterinary professionals. Simulation can help both increase specialist training capacity and inspire the next generation of veterinary professionals, to help match this demand. Our simulators allow aspiring veterinarians to practice hands-on skills in a safe environment and effectively learn fundamental techniques in a realistic environment.

While offering general training within a range of different medical specialties, our virtual reality training on canine ovariectomy and our lap chole training program are specifically developed for veterinarians. Are you ready to include simulation into your program?

CUSTOMER STORY Surgical Simulation: A Game-Changer for Veterinary Training

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Surgical Science and The Greater Stockholm Veterinary Care Foundation have been collaborating on a project to design and build VR training on LapSim for veterinarians to perform canine laparoscopic surgery (female dog spay procedure).

Odd Viking Höglund, DVM

The Greater Stockholm Veterinary Care Foundation

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Veterinary vr simulator

Canine Ovariectomy Surgery

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The simulation module provides veterinarians with training on laparoscopic removal of ovary on dog, and let familiarize with the surgical environment, canine anatomy, and instrumentation. Developed in collaboration with The Greater Stockholm Veterinary Care Foundation, Sweden.

Prof Boel Fransson with Gilat Noiman

"The best simulation that I have worked with"

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Prof. Boel Fransson from Washington State University, USA, worked with Surgical Science to develop a canine laparoscopic cholecystectomy curriculum for the LAP Mentor Express simulator. This virtual reality simulation-based curriculum, presented at ACVS veterinary meeting in 2022, will become available in the near future.


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