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Improve Your Hands-on Pulmonology Training

Pulmonology training requires an optimal learning environment for motor, cognitive and coordinative skills acquisition on one hand, and diagnostic and therapeutic clinical hands-on experience on the other hand. Give your fellows hands-on training where they can acquire the relevant competencies — and demonstrate proficiency prior to operating on patients.

CUSTOMER STORY Bronchoscopy Training Curriculum

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Surgical Science and CHEST partnered to develop a bronchoscopy program aimed at improving clinical performance and patient outcomes through education. The standardized curriculum, practiced on the BRONCH Mentor simulator, provides hands-on bronchoscopic skills and clinical knowledge for informed decision making. The program is designed to certify physicians in the use of bronchoscopy and decrease lung cancer mortality rates.

Nicole Augustyn, Senior Vice President of Education


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Dr Schuhmann speaking about Bronch Mentor

EndoBronchial Ultrasound (EBUS-TBNA) Clinical Procedure

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“The demand for EBUS has really increased significantly. We have found that there is a gap and lack of training for doctors”, says Dr. Maren Schuhmann at Thoraxklinik Heidelberg. In this video she talks about the ERS (European Respiratory Society) Certification Training Programme for EBUS using the BRONCH Mentor.

Professor Pirozynski

Poland Is Leading the Way

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Poland is the first country in Europe to have created a national assessment program for all endoscopic and laparoscopic surgical procedures.

The apprenticeship model is insufficient when it comes to performing bronchoscopies on critically ill patients with acute respiratory problems. For many years, my colleagues and I have been developing simulation training techniques that make bronchoscopies safer and more effective.

Professor Michał Pirożyński is Head of Endoscopic Simulation at the Center for Postgraduate Medical Education (CMKP) in Warsaw, Poland.

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