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Surgical Science’s simulators allows for proficiency-based training, in a safe environment. With realistic simulation of tissue response to instruments and accurate kinematics your students will be able to learn fundamental instrument skills, procedural training, and team training, including both complications and injuries.

CUSTOMER STORY Hands-on Simulation Training for Cardiovascular Technologists

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According to Shawna Defriece, who has been using the ANGIO Mentor simulator for ten years, hands-on simulation training is one of the most effective ways for students to become proficient.

Shawna Defriece, Program Chair & Professor, Cardiovascular Technology

Valencia College

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LapSim ST at Baker College in Cadillac, US

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Surgical Technology Student Katelynn Brookes says it’s giving students a leg up in the training they need, as well as future success in the operating room. “It is helpful because on this we can do procedures, we get to learn the anatomy, we get to actually view how it’s actually set in the body, so it’s a lot different than learning it through a book and learning it through pictures,” Brookes says.

IVY Tech training health science

Surgeons Commend Students' Skills

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“We here at Ivy Tech Community College Indianapolis are LOVING our LapSims and ARTHRO Mentor. We have 30+ students in our cohort and with 4 LapSims and one ArthoMentor we are giving the students unprecedented experience.

Our surgeons had commented last year at our PAC Meeting that the students are coming into the OR with laparoscopic skills far beyond what they are used to seeing, and we know why. This system is priceless for preparing our students. Can’t wait to hear the feedback this year!”

Jeanne L Rieger CST MSEdProgram Chair Surgical Technology
Ivy Tech Community College-Central Indiana

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