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A Highly Effective and Validated Simulator for Core Arthroscopy Skills Acquisition

A Highly Effective and Validated Simulator for Core Arthroscopy Skills Acquisition

ARTHRO Mentor is an effective tool for arthroscopic surgery skills acquisition. With over 15 years of validation studies, it offers a line of simulated procedures, covering the 3 major joints (shoulder, knee, and hip) combining physical anatomical models with 3D images and dynamic haptic sensation, to allow users to learn key aspects of the procedures while providing tissue sensation.

Enjoy a safe and controlled environment for trainees to gain hands-on experience, with comprehensive and structured programs ideal for both novice and advanced learners and ready-to-use courses for independent training. With detailed feedback on the trainee’s performance, the ARTHRO Mentor simulator is a must-have tool for any arthroscopic surgical training program.

See How Dr. Mathew Sardelli Uses The ARTHRO Mentor To Prepare Residents


Features and Benefits

  • Reduces training time and improves the learning curve
  • A comprehensive didactic environment
  • Self-learning structured curriculum in collaboration with KOLs
  • Competence assessment based on performance metrics
  • Adaptive tactile sensation on drilling, suturing, and shaving
  • A library of modules with 80+ tasks, cases, and didactics
  • Interchangeable knee, shoulder and hip models


Validation Studies

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