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Meet us at IMSH 2024

Simulators to Improve Proficiency and Performance

Meet us at IMSH in San Diego January 21-23 and explore our wide variety of VR medical simulators. 

Are you attending IMSH to explore what the medical simulator industry has to offer? Stop by our booth #422 where you can try our wide selection of new and existing simulators, spanning over all major specialties. Our VR medical simulators all come with relevant curricula, a learning management system and objective feedback to shorten the learning curve and make your trainees ready for the real world.

Surgical Science is a leading provider of medical simulation training and software solutions. Together with healthcare partners and customers worldwide, we enhance patient safety and healthcare outcomes using evidence-based customized simulation to improve clinical proficiency and performance.

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Don't Miss Our IMSH Learning Lab

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Combining Manikin and VR Simulation Technologies to Improve Clinical Outcomes

Preparing clinicians for treating trauma patients can be challenging. Patient manikins are limited in versatility of clinical scenarios and patient anatomies covered, unable to track all trainee actions and require substantial investment. Training with existing immersive VR simulators lacks instrument operation realism and tactile feedback. Both types of simulators do not track instrument operation inside the patient’s body.

Surgical Science’s new TraumaVR simulator overcomes these challenges by combining a manikin and instruments with immersive VR simulation. This provides trainees with an unprecedented training opportunity of psychomotor (motor skills) and cognitive knowledge and skill acquisition in airway management. With the most realistic virtual reality environment, it embeds trainees in the stressful situation, unlike any other simulator.

Date: Tuesday, January 23rd
Time: 2:00-3:00 pm
Place: Room 11A

What Do You Want to Try First?

Learn more about the wide variety of simulators you can try at our booth #422

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We will see you at IMSH but if you want to get in contact before the event, just fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you ASAP.

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