LAPSIM® – your first choice for laparoscopy training

The pioneering LapSim simulator improves your medical training and patient outcomes simply and quickly.

And by working together we can make virtual reality (VR) simulation an essential and cost effective part of your resident training.

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State-of-the-Art Simulation

  • LapSim is an advanced simulator, with detailed graphics, haptic feedback and a new intuitive interface.
  • The new LapSim 360 VR headset provides a rich and immersive, multi-sensory training experience,  unmatched in the VR simulation market.

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The Only Proven Simulator

  • LapSim is the most comprehensive and only validated simulator on the market.
  • Studies show that surgeons trained on a LapSim simulator perform better in the operating room.1
Laparoscopy training

Basic Skills Modules

  • Master fundamental laparoscopic skills.
  • A comprehensive portfolio of well-defined laparoscopic simulation exercises, from basic navigation to advanced suturing.
  • Real-time feedback for instant learning. Residents can focus on the skills they need most making the most of valuable training time.

Procedure Modules

  • Experience the true realities of the OR.
  • Residents can master essential elements of full surgical procedures and experience the true realities of the OR, key to improving surgical skills.
  • Cutting edge simulations of VATS Lobectomy,  Gynecology and Appendectomy procedures, plus many more.

The Only Validated Certification

  • LapSim comes with a fully validated curriculum, the LapSim Certification Program™.
  • Set up a training program instantly or change the parameters to fulfil your own training requirements.

2021 Annual Update

  • LapSim just got even better!
  • New Colorectal Procedure Module.
  • Instrumentation updates and improvements.
  • New instruction videos.

Dedicated Support Team

  • We install and help maintain your simulators.
  • Provide annual software updates.
  • Integrate simulation into your training, help customize your training program or modify your LapSim metrics.

Did you know? A study in 2015, of the preparedness of incoming gynecologic oncology fellows for advanced surgical training, found that:


Could not independently perform 30 min of a major procedure


Could not independently perform a hysterectomy


Could not dissect tissue planes


Could not control bleeding

LapSim® essence

LAPSIM® essence is a portable and ready-to-use surgical training simulator that fills the gap between lo-fi simulators and fully loaded VR systems, such as our flagship product LapSim® Haptic Simulator.

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  1. Proficiency-based virtual reality training significantly reduces the error rate for residentsduring their first 10 laparoscopic cholecystectomies. Ahlberg et al Am J Surg. 2007Jun;193(6):797-804.

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