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Prepare More Confident Surgeons

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Our pioneering LapSim simulator can improve your training simply and quickly. Including a range of exercise packages from basic to advanced laparoscopic procedures, it provides residents with an essential path to technical skills proficiency. As a high-fidelity simulator, it gives you tactile feedback, highly realistic and detailed graphics, and a rich immersive training experience.

LapSim comes ready to use: it’s ideal for individual, self-paced training, with its instant performance feedback, and includes an easy-to-use admin mode for course management. Either you customize your own courses and benchmarks to fulfill your own training requirements, or you pick from the pre-set library which includes fully validated curriculums.

LapSim Shortens Time to Surgical Skills

Check out this effective simulator that has proven to reduce medical errors in the OR.

Instructors and residents before a LapSim simulator

Features and Benefits

  • Master psychomotor skills with fundamental and procedural training
  • 11 training modules covering abdominal surgery procedures
  • Authentic handles with tactile feedback, to develop accurate manual dexterity
  • Customizable courses, configurable difficulty levels
  • Performance feedback reports, with statistics
  • Screen recording for debriefing
  • 3D output available
  • Instructions available in 8 languages

Validation Studies

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