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The Ultimate Mix of Manikin and VR Simulation

Elevate your urgent care medical training to a new level with TraumaVR’s mixed reality simulator. Embed yourself in a highly stressful environment, real-life scenarios that push your skills to the limit. Our immersive training integrates urgent care medical encounters with cutting-edge mixed reality technology, allowing physicians and first responders to engage in the most stressful conditions. Gain invaluable experience and confidence in both hospital and pre-hospital settings, preparing you for any challenge that comes your way.

Who Can Benefit?

The TraumaVR simulator is perfect for training emergency physicians, first responders, critical care physicians, and anesthesiologists.


Features and Benefits

  • Instrument tracking: one-to-one registration between physical tool and virtual
  • Tactile sensation of instruments inside the patient’s mouth/throat
  • A variety of pre-hospital and hospital scenarios
  • Dynamic complications
  • Performance assessment
  • Realistic oral cavity anatomy and physiology
  • Optional proctored or self-directed training
  • Vital signs affected by patient management and drug administration

Download the TraumaVR Brochure

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