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PERC Mentor Suite

Multi-Specialty Simulator for Image-Guided Interventions

Multi-Specialty Simulator for Image-Guided Interventions

The PERC Mentor Suite is a flexible, multi-specialty simulator that provides limitless training opportunities for image-guided interventions. Simply plug in the anatomy relevant to the selected intervention and begin your training.

The simulator is designed to provide a realistic learning experience and offers portability and flexibility with interchangeable components.



See How the PERC Mentor Suite Enables Training for an Endless Number of Percutaneus Image-Guided Interventions

PERC Mentor Suite

Features and Benefits

  • Unmatched educational value: including step-by-step procedure guidance, anatomical labels and trainee assessment
  • Needle positioning guidance: view the needle position on both 3D anatomical map and live image, to achieve accurate puncture
  • True-to-life anatomical model: enables anatomical marker palpation and provides haptic feedback during puncture


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