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URO Mentor

The Only VR Simulator for Endourology Training

The Only VR Simulator for Endourology Training

The URO Mentor enables the practice of basic skills and complete flow of a variety of endourology diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, including cystoscopy, ureteroscopy, stone manipulation, stricture treatment and BPH treatment such as TURP.

It provides a unique opportunity to work with a variety of scopes and tools while visualizing a true-to-life endoscopic and fluoroscopic display.

Start with practicing basic skills to get familiar with the anatomy and tools and continue with the complete procedure training on a variety of virtual patient cases presenting different anatomies and pathologies.


New! TURP Module for BPH Treatment

See how the cases in our newest module present realistic scenarios of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) with small to large side lobes, median lobes and varying degrees of bleeding.

Video_TURP copy

Features and Benefits

  • A complete teaching and assessment curriculum from essential skills to diagnostic and therapeutic endourology procedures
  • A variety of realistic scopes and endourological devices: flexible or rigid cystoscopes and ureteroscopes, resectoscopes, guidewires, stents, balloons, forceps, laser, EHL and more
  • Simulated real-time fluoroscopy and angiography assist in navigation
  • Diverse patient anatomies and pathologies provide a step-by-step, realistic training scenarios
  • Extensively validated training value with over 40 studies

Validation Studies

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