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GI Mentor

The Gold Standard Simulator For GI Endoscopy

The Gold Standard Simulator For GI Endoscopy

The GI Mentor is an evidence-based simulation platform for training of gastrointestinal upper and lower endoscopic procedures. It offers a comprehensive library of modules with more than 120 tasks and virtual patient cases. The simulator provides multiple training opportunities, starting with constructive endoscopy skill tasks, through true-to-life patient cases ranging from simple diagnostic procedures to advanced ERCP, Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS) and ESD procedures.

Original Colonoscope and Duodenoscope have been customized to provide realistic simulation including tactile sensations and various endoscopic tools. The GI Mentor provides an excellent environment for acquiring essential skills, practicing clinical procedures in a safe and realistic manner, and demonstrating one’s proficiency.


GI Mentor on Grey's Anatomy


Features and Benefits

  • Exclusive simulator for SAGES FES testing, as required by the ABS for all general surgery residency graduates in North America
  • The most extensive curricula from essential skill tasks and basic diagnostics, through complex anatomies and emergency cases all the way to challenging ERCP, EMR and ESD procedures
  • Educational environment includes aids such as 3D anatomical map, pain indicator and virtual instructor providing dynamic feedback as to trainee’s performance and patient safety during the training
  • The most evidence-based simulator for GI endoscopy with over 60 studies including established predictive value


Validation Studies

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