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These modules provide a highly didactic environment for hands-on practice of linear and radial EUS. The trainee can practice side viewing scope navigation, ultrasound image interpretation and multiple landmark recognition. The various offer in-depth training of linear EUS for the duodenum area, the antrum area and the stomach area, and radial EUS for the stomach area, the 1st, 2nd & 3rd duodenum area.

Learning Objectives:

  • To practice endoscopic navigation with side viewing scope
  • To practice scope orientation to correctly demonstrate over 30 anatomical landmarks
  • To practice ultrasound image recognition of over 30 anatomical landmarks
  • To accurately identify organs and vascular structures in each anatomical landmark
  • To gain experience in linear EUS inspection of the duodenum area, the antrum area and the stomach area
  • To gain experience in radial EUS inspection of the stomach area, the 1st duodenum area and the 2nd & 3rd duodenum area


Gastroenterology, General Surgery

Color Enhanced Anatomy Color Enhanced Anatomy
Complete 3D Environment Complete 3D Environment
Educational aids accelerate EUS learning process Educational Aids Accelerate EUS Learning Process
Learning to Interpret the Ultrasound Learning To Interpret the Ultrasound
Linear US Linear US
Radial US with Anatomical Labels Radial US With Anatomical Labels

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