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This module offers structured, step-by-step training on common pathologies that require arthroscopic Labral repair procedures.

Learning Objectives:

  • To diagnose and identify relevant pathologies in the shoulder labrum
  • To enhance debridement skills in order to prepare the Labral surface and glenoid neck without damaging the articular cartilage
  • To recognize the optimal sites in the Glenoid appropriate for drilling anchor holes
  • To choose the best tool in order to pass a guide wire through the Labrum
  • To practice passing a guide wire through the labrum
  • To practice retracting threads into the correct trocars to prepare the knot tying
  • To determine the number of anchors required to allow complete attachment of the Labrum to the Glenoid


Orthopedic Surgery, Sports Medicine

Dynamic Anatomical Model Dynamic Anatomical Model
Labral Debridement Labral Debridement
Probing Probing
Tools Selection Tools Selection

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