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This module enables training of basic, diagnostic, and therapeutic knee arthroscopy skills. It includes healthy anatomy tasks for gradually exercising a diagnostic examination of the joint. Trainees obtain anatomical knowledge, orientation skills, experience in reaching different areas by manipulation of knee (extension/flexion, varus/valgus) and deep familiarization of the appearance and the physical behavior of healthy structures in the knee joint.

Features and Benefits:

  • Provides self-instructed tasks focusing on anatomical recognition
  • Enables easy customization of the tasks by selecting each task’s targets and setting their order of appearance
  • Enables practicing a variety of tools and techniques

Learning Objectives:

  • To learn the arthroscopic anatomy of the knee
  • To practice systematic arthroscopic examination of the joint, identify and capture pathological conditions including meniscal tears, meniscal abnormalities and torn ACL
  • To practice full meniscectomy procedure on several meniscal tears using a variety of real-life tools
  • To learn how to identify the most suitable tool for meniscectomy in different pathological conditions
  • To evaluate the amount of meniscus that needs to be removed in different meniscal pathologies
  • To practice of various procedural steps on different pathological conditions such as femoral condyle cartilage repair, loose bodies removal and ACL reconstruction

Advanced Knee Module
Torn ACL Torn ACL
Meniscal Tear Meniscal Tear
Knee Meniscectomy Knee Meniscectomy
Advanced probe examination Advanced Probe Examination
Advanced Knee Module Advanced Knee Module

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