Prepare more confident medical professionals
with VIRTUAL REALITY simulation training

There are many benefits to VR simulation training:

  • It shortens the time it takes to gain competency.
  • It delivers consistent cost-effective training that develops more prepared medical professionals.
  • It can reduce medical errors and the need to train on patients.1

Advanced Effective Training

How are your residents trained today? Are they getting consistent training? Does it take them a long time for them to become competent? Are their skills good enough to enter the OR?

With virtual reality simulators, such as the LapSim simulator, you get a standardized 24/7 guided training program that provides real-time feedback.

This reduces the demands on supervision time and leads to more skilled and confident surgeons, ready for the OR.

Better Patient Care and Safety

This graph shows the learning curve for a typical resident. The role of a VR simulator is to shorten the time it takes your residents to be trained in fundamental surgical skills such as depth perception and instrument handling.

VR simulation makes sure residents are prepared, safe and confident to start laparoscopic or endoscopic surgery on real patients.1, 2

Training Benefits of Simulation

• Train without risk to patients, reducing errors in first operations.
• Shorten the learning curve and be more prepared for surgery.2
• Train more effectively compared to traditional methods.3
• Learn 24/7 and accelerate the time needed to gain competency.2
• Receive standardized, objective, data driven feedback.
• Work at your own pace and reduce demands on supervision time.
• Practice entire surgical procedures and experience the realities of the OR.

Need some help?
Are you considering purchasing one of our medical simulators? Let us help you with the optimal package for your specific needs.

1. Proficiency-based virtual reality training significantly reduces the error rate for residents during their first 10 laparoscopic cholecystectomies. Ahlberg et al Am J Surg. 2007 Jun;193(6):797-804.
2. Effect of virtual reality training on laparoscopic surgery: randomised controlled trial, Larsen Christian R, Soerensen Jette L, Grantcharov Teodor P, Dalsgaard Torur, Schouenborg Lars, Ottosen Christian et al BMJ 2009; 338 :b1802.
3. LapSim® more effective than a box trainer, Youngblood PL et al, J Am Coll Surg. 2005 Apr;200(4):546-51.

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