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URO Mentor Platform

ENDO Suite

Combines Endourology, GI endoscopy and flexible bronchoscopy simulation training.

A designated Endourology panel and scopes enable practicing ureteroscopy, cystoscopy and TURP.

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URO Express:

The new URO Express platform offers our customers a smart and compact solution for urology endoscopy training.

  • Realistic training: With lifelike simulations and hands-on practice using real scopes and tools.
  • Flexible and Portable: No need to be tied down to a specific location. The URO Express can be easily moved wherever it’s needed—whether it’s in your clinic, in the OR, or even a medical conferences.
  • Time efficient: Say goodbye to wasted time. The URO Express optimizes your training sessions, allowing you to make the most of every minute. Get the practice you need without compromising your busy schedule.


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