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Inspiring Tomorrow's Healthcare Professionals

From Classrooms to SIM-center

In a recent visit to the Simulation Center at UT Southwestern Medical Center, 44 enthusiastic second-grade students from Biomedical Preparatory experienced firsthand the intersection of robotics and healthcare education. The aim of the visit was to provide these young minds with a glimpse into the future of medical learning.

The tour included interactive stations showcasing state-of-the-art medical technology. At the da Vinci robotic Surgical System station, the children observed the cutting-edge technology in action, marveling at its precision and capabilities.

Kirk Atkinson, Senior Simulation Clinical Operations Specialist, engaged the students in a simulation game with one of the basic skills exercises, teaching them how to operate an endoscope with the simulator GI-BRONCH Mentor from Surgical Science.

As the students explored the Simulation Center, they demonstrated their knowledge of anatomy, impressing educators with their quick responses. The engagement was not only educational but also aimed to ignite curiosity about diverse careers in healthcare.

Hopefully, they learned something valuable that could serve them right now,” she said, “but also learned something for later, whether medicine or technology – they love the technology.

Jeanne Carey, Instructional Design Specialist at UTSW

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