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The advantages of virtual reality simulators are well‐established: simulation training gives a positive effect on the learning curve and improvement of basic psychomotor skills in the operating room1. Virtual reality simulation has shown to deliver a fast and foremost a patient‐safe path to technical competence in the operating room.

Structured VR simulation training wins on being proficiency‐based – by presenting trainees to exercises where pass levels are based on expert results, individual variations in training time and repetitions do not matter: In contrast to time/volume based training, proficiency based training allows for self‐paced practice and goal‐directed learning, giving a consistency of the final results because all examinees are expected to reach the same performance standard.

1A few examples: CR Larsen et al, BMJ 2009; NE Seymour et al, Ann Surg 2002; G Ahlberg et al, Am J Surg 2007; TP Grantcharov et al, Br J Surg 2007.

LapSim® Haptic System

The advanced force feedback technology combined with the powerful graphics and cognitive instruction of the LapSim® gives you an immersive, multi-sensory training experience. The technology is placed on an ergonomically designed platform, with the possibility of using a 3D screen, and allows navigation on two touch screens and features the latest in tactile feedback technology.







Basic Skills

The LapSim® Basic Skills module offers a comprehensive portfolio of laparoscopic exercises that range from basic navigation to advanced suturing. Each exercise is customizable to provide complications and ongoing challenges.

Procedure modules

The LapSim® suite of validated, fully customizable procedure modules provides a complete training solution for surgeons across multiple disciplines. With clearly defined learning objectives, procedural deconstruction capabilities, variations, and challenges. The LapSim® library of software modules provide surgeons with access to skill practice essential to building surgical proficiency.

LapSim® 2018 Annual Update

We are pleased to announce that a new version of LapSim® is now released! LapSim® 2018 comes with a set of updates and new additions to improve the simulation training experience, including a new Basic Skills exercise “Wireloop”, graphic face-lifts, improved scoring, and more.

LapSim® essence

LAPSIM® essence is a portable and ready-to-use VR simulator that fills the gap between lo-fi simulators and fully loaded VR systems, such as our flagship product LapSim® Haptic.

Support & Services

With LapSim®, you’re getting the best technology possible, plus the industry’s only true partnership. From day one through the life of the simulator, our simulation specialists will assist you in everything from set up to curriculum customization and research.

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